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I .Vocabulary and Structure(40points)
Directions: In this part, there are 40 incomplete sentence. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
1.Mr.White,together with his wife and three children,______ going to the party this evening.
A. am B. is C. will D. are
2.Mary asked Joe and Jim to go on a picnic with her this Sunday, but____ of them can, because they will have to work.
A. either B. any C. neither D. none
3.Most people enjoy _____letters, but few seem to be interested in writing them.
A. read B. to have read C. reading D. to read
4.If it _____tomorrow, the basketball match will have to be canceled.
A. rain B. will rain C. rained D. rains
5.The coffee is wonderful! It’s the best of all the coffee that I ____before.
A. was having B. have C. have ever had D. had ever had
6.The birthday cake _____delicious. I can’t wait to taste it.
A. feels B. sounds C. becomes D. smells
7.Whether we will go for an outing this Saturday ______on whether the weather is fine.
A. depends B. takes C. puts D. gets
8.After three day’s discussion at the meeting, they finally got a solution _______the economic problem.
A. with B. on C. to D. in
9.I hadn’t seen Victoria for years, but I____ her voice on the telephone right away.
A. realized B. recognized C. discovered D. heard
10.—Have you _____your friend Bill recently?
—No, he doesn’t often write to me.
A. heard about B. heard of C. heard from D. received from
11.Jack can’t find his dictionary. He must have ______it in the classroom.
A. lost B. left C. forgotten D. found
12.It is foolish of Nancy to _______Peter as her friend because he always lies to her.
A. respect B. admire C. judge D. regard
13.Matt had been exhausted but felt considerably _______after a meal and some rest.
A. relieved B. refreshed C. recreated D. renewed
14.Simon does not _____his fellow workers because they often argue over trivial matters.
A. get on with B. come up with C. do away with D. go on with
15.To know what is good and ______are two quite different things.
A. knowing what is wrong B. do what is right
C. to do what is right D. doing what is right
16.Please take the medicine three times a day, ______it won’t work well.
A. and B. but C. or D. so
17.It is not easy for freshmen to get used to ____a dorm room with others.
A. share B. sharing C. shared D. shares
18.When Andrew was in South Africa, he______ go to that coffee shop at the corner everyday.
A. would B. should C. had better D. might
19.He was always the last to leave the workshop to _____the tools before cleaning it up.
A. take away B. put away C. throw away D. get away
20.—Sorry I am late. I should have called you earlier.
—______.I’ve just arrived.
A. That’s all right B. You’re welcome
C. That’s no trouble D. You can never tell
21.It is known to all that _____you exercise regularly, you won’t keep good health.
A. if B. unless C. although D. whenever
22.Jerry had hardly got to the office _____his wife called him for an emergency at home.
A. when B. after C. until D. than
23.My family sent my cousin an E-mail ______his passing the Entrance Examination.
A. congratulated with him B. congratulating him on
C. to congratulate him on D. congratulate to him
24.John had to pause from time to time to wipe the sweat off his forehead, because the air-conditioning system________.
A. broke in B. broke out C. broke up D. broke down
25.They are moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher than _____in the city.
A. one B. ones C. that D. those
26.His idea of having weekly family meals together, which seemed difficult at first, has____ wonderful changes in their lives.
A. got through B. brought about C. turned into D. resulted from
27.When we finished dinner, Mr. Smith asked the waiter to bring him the______.
A.tip B. dish C. menu D. bill
28.We are expecting that the days will come soon _______we will be able to breathe clean air again.
A. as B. when C. while D. since
29.It’s a pity that we have to stay at home when we are having _____weather.
A. so fine B. so fine a C. such fine D. such a fine
30.After having lived in Canada for thirty years, Tom returned to the small town ___he grew up.
A. which B. where C. that D. when
31.The purpose of new technology is to make life easier, _____it more difficult.
A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. don’t make
32.Most people have come to realize that it is high time the government ______further measures to control the air pollution.
A. must take B. is taking C. took D. takes
33.—_____ recently? I have not seen you for quite some time.
—I have traveled around the world for the past few months.
A. Where have you been B. Where did you go
C. Where were you going D. Where were you gone
34. _____ difficulties we may come across, we’ll help one another to overcome them.
A. Wherever B. Whatever C. However D. Whenever
35. Ann listens to you; only you can _____her to give up the foolish idea of dropping
out of college.
A. suggest B. persuade C. tempt D. attract
36. Fishing is a hobby which takes a great deal of _____.
A. power B. intelligence C. patience D. strength
37. Edith managed to_____ her children with food and clothing by working two jobs.
A. provide B. equip C. form D. discover
38. Only by shouting at the top of his voice _____.
A. he was able to make himself hear B. he was able to make himself heard
C. was he able to make himself heard D. was he able to make himself hear
39. John_____ French very quickly during the last three months in France.
A. took out B. picked up C. looked for D. led to
40. Since she retired, she has been living partly on her pension and partly on the_____
on her savings account.
A. salary B. wages C. interest D. income
Ⅱ.Reading Comprehension(50 points)
Directions: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. For each of them, there are four choices marked A, B,C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
Passage One
If someone is sleepwalking, they are walking around while they are asleep. Sleepwalking happens when a person is not fully asleep but not quite awake. Usually we move from our deepest level of sleep to a lighter level and stay there. Sleepwalkers come right up to wake levels but do not fully awaken. It is at this time that they get up and walk.
The longer a person stays in deep sleep, the more time it takes for the sleep to be broken. That opens up the possibility of being awakened(but not fully)and of sleepwalking.
Sleepwalking happens more often among young people than grown-ups because young people usually have more deep sleep. Up to 7% of 5 to 12-year-olds sleepwalk, while only about 2% of grown-ups sleepwalk. We get less deep sleep as we are getting older and the possibility of sleepwalking is also reduced.
Sleepwalking may run in families, too. If one of your parents was a sleepwalker, you have about a 50% possibility of also being a sleepwalker.
41. This passage is about __________.
A. why sleepwalking happens B. where sleepwalkers go
C. what sleepwalkers do D. when sleepwalkers walk
42. Who has more possibility of sleepwalking?
A. Grown-ups. B. Young people.
C. Old men. D. Old women.
43. What does “reduced” mean in “…the possibility of sleepwalking is also reduced.
”in Paragraph Three?
A. Opened up. B. Cut down C. Kept on. D. Sped up.
44. People have more possibility of developing sleepwalk_______.
A. When they get older
B. When they become parents themselves
C. if their parents sleep walked
D. if they don’t sleep well
45. This passage may be from_______.
A. a story book B. a travel book C. a science book D. a cooking book



Addiction to Smart Phones





Addiction to Smart Phones

The Internet has made smart phones more and more popular. Almost everyone, young or old, has a smart phone. They download different Apps to their smart phones to do different things online, such as shopping, making friends and playing games. Without smart phones, many people are at a loss-they are addicted to them.

Addiction to smart phones has appalling consequences. First, it might threaten people’s lives. If a driver is using the smart phone while driving, it might hurt or take away people’s lives. Secondly, it will do great harm to the addicted. Many people complain of fast failing eyesight because they use smart phones too much, especially at night. What is worse, if young people are addicted to smart phones, they may have no intention of talking with others face to face. Eventually they may lose the ability of face-to-face communication.

I think people should use smart phones wisely. They should avoid using smart phones while driving, walking or cycling, and had better not use them too much.